NC Honors Chorus

This page contains information and links for practice for this years upcoming Honors Chorus. Please make sure you work hard this summer!


Friday, September 30th, 2016 in Hickory, NC


Achieved is the Glorious Work by Haydn

Click here to purchase your own copy:

Students will need to learn the entire piece.


1) Sing audition piece

2) Sight-sing a short melodic exercise (Exercise will be do-so, with steps and possible skips of do-mi and mi-so, and rhythms of quarter, half, whole, and eighth)

*Each student will audition in front of a single judge in a closed audition.


Here is a link with tracks that you can practice with!

Your student should probably also listen to a recording on YouTube for familiarization purposes.

Here is a link with previous sight singing examples that you can practice with!

If they need additional practice for sight-singing, there are more links on my wiki (

Do not neglect the sight-singing! A lot of times the sight-singing can make or break the audition!


It is strongly recommended that you take voice lessons over the summer. Your voice teacher can help you learn the piece and focus on details like phrasing, breathing, diction, vowel shape, etc. If you decide to take voice lessons, please make sure your voice teacher can help you with sight singing and have you practice that over the summer as well.


We will have rehearsals before and/or after school once we are back in session to help further prepare your child for their audition. However, please make sure that your child has practiced over the summer and comes back to school prepared. Once school starts, there will only be about a month to prepare them for their audition which means I will not have much time to teach notes during our rehearsals. We will work on specific vocal techniques like tone, breathing, diction, dynamics, phrasing, etc. and individual sight-singing practice.


Mark your calendars for these dates! These are not required, but highly recommended.

UNCG: There is no set date yet, but probably Saturday, August 27th. FREE! Registration begins at 11:30 in the Lobby of the Recital Hall. Clinic lasts from 12:30-3:15PM.

ECU: There is no set date yet, but probably Saturday, September 17th. $10 Tuition. Click on the link for more information:

ASU: There is no set date yet.

*I would recommend the UNCG Audition Clinic because it is closest, free, and the earliest of the audition clinics which would allow students plenty of time to work on the things presented in the workshop.


$15.00 fee for student to audition made payable to NWSA MS Chorus Boosters.


If your student is placed in the ensemble, they would have 4-5 additional pieces they would have to learn and prepare. There will be other additional fees if your child makes it into the ensemble. Their rehearsal date would be Saturday, November 7th and performance date is Sunday, November 8th in Winston-Salem at the North Carolina Music Educators’ Professional Development Conference. Normally, over 1,000 students audition from all across the state for the 160 member choir. Only approximately the top 15% of auditioned singers will be selected for this prestigious choir.

Good luck and Happy Practicing!