Good Afternoon,

It has been a VERY busy few weeks at the opening of our holiday season! I hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving as much as I enjoyed mine!
Western Tour: Emails have been sent out about balances for the Western Tour. All students must have at least $600 in their accounts by today! There is another payment due on December 16 of $600 as well. Please check Charms or your emails from Ms. McCagg regarding all payment information up to this point. Students must have $1200 in their account prior to January 1.
December 15 Concert:  Women’s Ensemble, Women’s Chamber and Men’s Ensemble will be performing on December 15 at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, the same location as the fall concert. Students should arrive at 6:15pm dressed and ready to sing.
A few reminders regarding concerts:
  • There is to be NO FOOD in the sanctuary.
  • Once students enter, they are not to exit. Bathroom needs should met prior to the call time.
  • This concert, students will be dismissed by ensemble. Parents will meet them downstairs following the conclusion of the concert.
  • No Students are permitted to enter late or exit early. This will result in a 0 grade for the concert.
  • Students who are picked up late will no longer be permitted to perform in any after school events, causing them to do a written assignment for each concert.  Please come support your student so that this isn’t an issue.
December 20, 2016 Concert:
Mixed Chamber Choir will be performing with the NWSA Chamber Orchestra on the 20th at University City United Methodist Church. Please be on the look out for more information regarding this 7pm event.
Mixed Chamber Choir will also be performing this Sunday, 12/4, at the Tour of Homes or on 12/13 at the Halton Theater as a required performance. Seniors in Chamber will be recording at WCCB on 12/8 a selection of Christmas Carols.
Volunteers: We are always looking for more volunteers. Please contact Faith White for more information on how to help out!
Kahlil Capers, Ariana Montero-Acosta, and Geneva Dolphus on being selected for All-Carolina 9-10 Choir
Christoph Brown, Ellie Dare, Maria Guild, Stephenie Santilli, and Omar Valentin for being selected for Mars Hill Choral Clinic
Have a great weekend!
Stephanie Madsen