Good Morning!

I am writing you while listening to the beautiful sounds of CMS High School Honors Chorus rehearsal! This has been such a great couple of days of community music making. Our NWSA students who are participating have done a fantastic job representing the amazing things we are doing at Northwest.
First, I would like to thank each of our volunteers who helped on Thursday evening’s concert. Each of you played an important role in the success of our first concert of the year. It was our first time performing at Friendship an the unknown venue was a big obstacle for the choir department. The help we received let the directors figure out all of the unknown barriers and work with our number one priority, the students success.
They were fantastic! I have never been a part of a concert with as many respectful students. Concert behavior was great, everyone listened intently to the other choirs and many helped to clean up following the event.
Women’s Ensemble, you sang as though we have been an ensemble for much longer than one quarter. What an impressive display. Mens, You attention and behavior on stage was better than I could have imagined it would be! Women’s Chamber, your tone and attention to details during Cantique was truly spectacular. Mixed Chamber, Cry out and Shout gave me chills and you kept it together while my music laid on the ground showing so much professionalism.  Our students are FANTASTIC!
Mars Hill Choral Clinic: Christoph Brown, Ellie Dare, Maria Guild, Stephenie Santilli, & Omar Valentin
NC Honors Chorus: Sage Fischer, Maria Guild, Hallie McCagg
CMS High School Honors: Ellie Dare, Rebecca Russell, Aaron McConnell, Jason Sanders, Christoph Brown, Parker Morgan, Autumn Picarsic, Liana Storch
Young Music Educators Symposium: Stephenie Santilli
This Week, we are lucky enough to have two different professors joining us from Wingate University. On Tuesday, we will have Dr. Kenney Potter joining the Mixed Chamber Choir for rehearsal. On Friday, the Womens ensemble from Wingate will be joining us to work with the Women’s Chamber Choir! NWSA is so grateful to have the amazing opportunities for our students.
This Week:
  • Chamber Choir Permission Slips are due for NCMEA with Payment
  • First Quarter grades are due on Friday. All make up work must be turned in no later than Wednesday, October 26 to be graded for credit
  • You may have an outstanding balance due on your account (uniforms, honors chorus auditions, CMS Honors, Chorus dues) Please log into charms. If you have an obligation, you are welcome to pay with paypal on the charms website or send in check or cash to be placed in the black box. All balances must be paid prior to the end of the school year! They will become CMS financial obligations if they are not paid.
  • There is a payment for the Western due the first week of November of $600. Please make arrangements for this payment to be paid.
  • Students working at BOA, should see a reflection of monies earned located in charms. It is as up to date as it can be. We must wait for account information before it can be updated.
Upcoming Events:
  • October 25: Dr. Potter in Chamber Choir
  • October 28: Dr. Wolfe-Hill 4A with Women’s Chamber
  • October 31: Chamber Choir Rehearsal 8:30 -12:30
  • November 3: Chamber Choir send off concert at 10am in Choir room
  • November 5 & 6: Honors Chorus and Young Music Educators Symposium
  • November 7: Chamber Choir NCMEA Performance
Have a great weekend!
Ms. Madsen